Combine aesthetics, acoustics and a Nordic touch with acoustic panels from Wood On Wall.

In the past, an acoustic panel was something that looked like egg cartons, and usually only on walls in music studios. With Wood On Wall, it's not like that anymore - an acoustic panel can suddenly be the red thread in the style of your room.

Styles such as Wabi Sabi and Japandi, with Nordic elements in color and shape, are linked together with harmony in acoustics and design through our panels. But if you already have the walls planned for something else, let us show you how you can use the Wood On Wall acoustic panel for more than that.

Acoustic panel as a partition

If you're going to screen the room anyway, why not screen it from both eyes and ears? Here is the area's prettiest partition wall, made entirely of oak acoustic panels. Complete success in both form and function!


TV wall made of acoustic panel

There is no surround sound that can save poor acoustic treatment in the TV room. So why not mount your TV on an acoustic panel wall section? You get both better sound where it really matters, and a nicely framed TV for weekend evenings on the sofa.


Stove covered in acoustic panel

Relaxed evenings in front of the fire are no longer reserved for those with a tiled stove. Just see how you can build a place for an ethanol burner, with wooden acoustic paneling to highlight it.

Acoustic panel headboard

The bedroom. The place where silence and peacefulness make the absolute biggest difference. Take the acoustic treatment as close to a good night's sleep as possible - directly at the head. An acoustic panel headboard? Slept well!


Don't let our name limit your creativity. Show us your visions for our acoustic panel.

Our name is not an invitation, and we love innovative ways to use our acoustic panel. Do you have an example you think we should see? Drop us a note on!