Acoustic panels are no longer just for offices, music studios or noisy restaurants

The people around you in the room are of course the heart, but poor acoustics and aesthetics drag everything down quickly. Think back to the last time you moved into an empty house or apartment, how unpleasant an empty room sounds.

Many people have solved these problems with furniture and carpets in the past. But what if you want to embrace Scandinavian minimalism? To get a more spacious room, without unpleasant reverberation?

That's where our wooden acoustic panel comes in. One of the latest trends in multifunctional interior design products, and an easy way to get an exclusive feel for your wall.

At Wood on Wall we have created the perfect balance between look and feel. Scandinavian, minimalist design and high-quality sound processing in perfect harmony. An acoustic panel in wood that offers both a modern touch and a pleasant calm in all rooms.

Acoustics: How wooden acoustic panels improve your quality of life at home, every day

There are as many sound sources as there are noise sources. All sounds can be unpleasant at the wrong volume, time or in the wrong place. Often the reverberation is the core of the discomfort.

Reverberation is why a room without furniture can have an eerie feel. This is also why normal conversations can feel uncomfortably loud.

Acoustic panels not only dampen the unpleasant sounds and reverberation, they make pleasant sounds even clearer.

Music producers have known this for a long time. They cover every wall in their studio with acoustic panels for exactly this purpose. Capturing every subtle detail of their productions. To experience a true picture of the sounds in harmony.

Acoustic panels are one of the best investments to make a living room rather than a busy room. It makes the sound of everyday life softer. Enjoy the sounds you want, and get rid of the reverberation you want to avoid.

The aesthetics: How wooden acoustic panels let you bring home Scandinavian minimalism

The Scandinavian interior design style revolves around minimalism. Smooth shapes, natural colors and a focused layout. The excessive and screaming moves out to create space to breathe, relax and focus. 
It can be difficult to capture that aesthetic and at the same time create pleasant acoustics in a room with furniture. Minimalism in all its glory, but not at the expense of unpleasant acoustics. But the traditional acoustic panels rarely have the right appearance for both sound processing and furnishing.
Unless you choose our wooden acoustic panel, of course. Then you get sound treatment together with the elegant yet robust, Nordic look of wood texture.
Wooden slats also have the advantage of looking luxurious without being ostentatious. The kind of humble luxury that only this kind of acoustic panel can offer. 
Akustikpanel i trä från Wood on Wall

Find your style on acoustic panel - wood for all occasions.

When we started Wood On Wall, we had a kind of acoustic panel made of one kind of wood, which is still our bestseller - oiled oak with dark acoustic felt.
Now we have a total of eighteen variations, so that you can find the right one no matter how you decorate. Whether your room is dark monochrome or bright and rich in contrast, there is something made to fit in.
Bringing acoustic panels in darker wood into the bedroom, for example teak or walnut, is something that is becoming increasingly popular. It is not infrequent that they become a fantastic headboard - dull colors for peace of mind, with acoustic treatment that gives a peaceful sleep to the ears.

Our light wooden acoustic panels:

Our dark wooden acoustic panels

Build your own glade with an acoustic panel in your style

Our wooden acoustic panel has been manufactured by hand in Helsingborg, Sweden since 2020. We choose the material with sustainability in focus, and favor local craftsmanship by keeping the manufacturing at home.
Our acoustic panels come in oak, walnut, ash and teak. No matter what you choose, there are colors and finishes from light to dark. We have thought of most things. The only thing left for you to think about is which shade and type of wood you want for your wall.
No matter how you want your room to feel when you look at it, you can be sure that it will sound pleasant with Wood on Wall.