Mount your acoustic panels with confidence - use our tips if you have difficulty choosing..

It all started with a kind of acoustic panel at Wood On Wall. Our first was in oiled oak, with our dark acoustic felt, which is also our best seller.

We now have a total of 18 variations of our popular panel. Which is fun, to give you more space to realize your ideas with our panels. But of course that comes with the need to choose which one.

If you have a room that just begs for an acoustic panel with wooden slats, but don't know what fits in, don't worry. We've put together some things to consider, and suggestions for finding the perfect panel for your project.

Light or dark wood for your acoustic panel

With us you will find several shades between white and black, and our acoustic panel can be used for both harmony and contrast. See for yourself how our oak panels provide a harmonious even tone, and how the walnut panels create an elegant contrast.


Light or dark acoustic felt

The felt, which takes the wooden slats to an acoustic panel, is not only specially developed but is made from recycled plastic from both land and sea. Then it comes in three different shades, of course.

As with the wood, you can go for a contrasting or uniform line. Our black acoustic felt blends in with our black varnished oak acoustic panel, for a smooth and sophisticated look.

If you are looking for something that contrasts and creates detail, the same felt can be added to a white lacquered ash acoustic panel for a modern "bar code" look, or to a teak panel for a more classic look.


Oiled or varnished finish on the wooden slats

If you are looking for the earthy and natural look of wood for your acoustic panel, our oiled panels are just right. Here you have several types of wood to choose from, in addition.

If you are looking for wood texture, but have a color in mind, you can find our wooden slats made of oak in six different shades.

If you have very natural tones such as brass, gold or stone, our oiled options will be a continuation - or a contrast if you go for the Scandinavian black and white.

Of course, you can also get an acoustic panel with black or white lacquer as the centerpiece of a dark and earthy room. Only your creativity sets the limits.


You get this regardless of which acoustic panel you choose

All panels from Wood On Wall are ready for installation, surface treated and ready. They can be mounted from walls to ceilings, from full coverage to sections. Even in bathrooms, thanks to the moisture resistance from the wood treatment.

So let the creativity flow, with our input and your ideas. We look forward to seeing what you have coming up with acoustic panels made of the right wood.