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International Retailers

Our retailers abroad

Ota yhteyttä Akustiikkapalveluihin, jotka myyvät yksinoikeudella Wood on wall tuotteet Suomen markkinoilla

Itäinen Kirkkokatu 16
67100 Kokkola

Wilhelmina Kangas 
+35840 708 8545

Bitte wenden Sie sich an Cambois SA, die die Exklusivrechte für den Verkauf von Wood on wall in der Schweiz hat

Cambois SA
Chemin des Emetaux 1
1131 Tolochenaz
Suisse – Schweiz

Michael Engel
+41 79 3215576

Produced with our planet in mind

We manufacture Wood on Wall in Sweden with carefully selected materials of the highest quality, and sustainability in focus. Our wood comes from sustainable forestry and our custom-made acoustic felt is made of recycled plastic.

Speedy deliveries

All acoustic panels from Wood on Wall are manufactured by hand in Helsingborg, Sweden and normally delivered in the EU within 2-4 weeks from order.

Extensive warranty

When you buy Wood on Wall, we offer a ten-year material warranty. We are confident in our craftsmanship and materials, so you should be too.