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About Wood on Wall

How it all started

Wood on Wall was founded in 2020 in Helsingborg, Sweden, by a couple of friends with a flaming interest in interior design. 

Most modern houses built today have large open floor plans with high ceilings, hard materials and quite often, there are large window sections. Perfect for sound waves to bounce around in, which very often leads to a poor sound environment. 

This was a problem that we ourselves encountered when building out own houses. 

When we searched for stylish acoustic solutions to improve the sound environment, the range was limited to say the least. This is how the idea for Wood on Wall was born – an acoustic solution that is as effective as it is beautiful.

Our inspiration

When we created our acoustic panel, it was with a conviction that beautiful rooms should be inspired by nature, but at the same time consider all our senses.

Wood contributes both to an exclusive and warm feeling, and works equally well in private and public environments.

Our acoustic panel quickly became a success with architects and decorators who can now easily enhance the design experience with the help of a sound absorber, which provides completely new conditions.

This has meant that Wood on Wall has grown at a furious pace to Sweden's leading manufacturer of exclusive wooden acoustic panels.

Our constant pursuit of perfection

At Wood on Wall, we hand manufacture acoustic panels in Helsingborg, Sweden to ensure that our premium products always live up to the highest expectations. 

We deliver to both private individuals and corporate customers, and no project is too big or small. 

Most importantly, our customer satisfaction matter the most so don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Our sustainability work

All the wood used comes from sustainable forestry that takes environmental and social conditions into account. 

Our products are inspired by and use source material from the forest, so we will always do everything to preserve it. 

Wood on Wall collaborates with Plantmore, a company that owns and manages plantations in the Baltic region. For every order received, we buy and plant a new tree.
These plantations not only bind CO2, but also contribute to future-proofing materials for us and for future generations. 

Together, we contribute to a more sustainable planet 

Our specially developed acoustic felt is manufactured in Sweden from recycled plastic. The plastic comes from PET packaging, but also plastic collected from the oceans of the world. After all, the sea needs the same care as our forests. 

This, along with our local production and contribution to Swedish design thinking, means that our acoustic panels are one of the many ways that we aim to contribute to a world that we leave behind us in a better shape than when we received it.

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Wood on Wall Spain

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Country Manager

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Sales, Logistics

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Sales, Solution Architect

Rich Cropper
Sales Director Spain and Portugal

Wood on Wall Sweden

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CEO, Finance, Sales

Amar Pasovic
Sales & purchase

Andreas Källström
Quality & product development

our products

Produced with our planet in mind

We manufacture Wood on Wall in Sweden with carefully selected materials of the highest quality, and sustainability in focus. Our wood comes from sustainable forestry and our custom-made acoustic felt is made of recycled plastic.

Speedy deliveries

All acoustic panels from Wood on Wall are manufactured by hand in Helsingborg, Sweden and normally delivered in the EU within 2-4 weeks from order.

Extensive warranty

When you buy Wood on Wall, we offer a ten-year material warranty. We are confident in our craftsmanship and materials, so you should be too.